A chance encounter

Oasis-Agri Australia was conceived after a chance encounter with Francis Yeatman, a visionary in the field of organic soil science who had created a unique soil catalyst called Oasis 88.

Oasis 88’s unique composition of organic carboxylic acids addresses common soil issues, releases trapped nutrients and reduces fertiliser and herbicide requirements.

Oasis 88 has had a lot of success in South Africa and given the similarity in climate and challenges in Australia and lack of any competitive solution, we applied for and were granted the right to distribute.

An enlightening journey

In the process of launching Oasis Agri it became apparent that agriculture was evolving and adopting technologies normally associated with other industries such the financial services sector.

This adoption is in the ‘early adopter’ stage, but it’s only a matter of time before technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, autonomous drones and sensors become ubiquitous.

Video by Jonatas Nascimen from Pexels

Starting off with Oasis 88, our goal at Oasis Agri is to offer next generation solutions that focus on supporting long term regenerative, environmentally sound and sustainable farming methods.

We also believe that in restoring our soils we can help reverse the decline in nutrition observed over the past few decades and contribute to the health of the nation.

Thanks for your interest!