Case studies

Due to our focus on the soil, Oasis-Agri has had the privalege of working with farmers across the world to address common soil issues to drive greater yields.  Our approach has always to been to work with the land in a sustainable way that minimises heavy handed chemical treatments and puts nature to work.  Our case studies reflect the breadth of our work and for your reading pleasure, have been arranged into three sections.  

Confirmed on

While Oasis 88 is designed to work on the soil and is not specific to a particular plant species, we can confirm where it has been successfully applied.

Validated on

On certain crops and livestock applications  Oasis 88 has been widely accepted as a key component in treatment plans for the reasons in these studies.   

Analysed on

Our success and penetration into some agricultural sectors has led to some large scale data driven scientific studies or industry certifications.

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