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This farm in the Barberton area had issues with soil health that was impacting the yield and the quality of the crop. The yield varied by a large margin from one orchard to another, and the loss from a low crack-out rate and small nut size was dragging down profits.

Traditional farm management practises were no longer working so soil samples were taken and analysed and a custom treatment plan was created. The plan included Oasis 88 which was applied at a rate two litres per hectare four times a year.

Location Information

Barberton’s climate in is warm and temperate and is classified as Cwa according to the Köppen-Geiger classification. There is much less rainfall in winter than in summer and the temperature averages at 20.0 °C with a rainfall of 861 mm per annum.


Additional photos from the farm

Nuts on the tree just prior to harvest.
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