Dairy 52


Dairy 51 is as the name suggests, a dairy farm in the Nottingham Road region of Kwazulu Natal South Africa, and has been an Oasis-Agri customer since 2012.

When Oasis-Agri first visited the farm it had just been taken over by Simon Green, the son of the original owner who was eager to emply modern methods to increase its productivity.

Simon was cogniscent that the soil had been depleted in the past and that regenerative farming methods in conjunction with soil treatments had the potential to improve soil health.

Location Information

Nottingham Road’s climate is warm and temperate and is classified as Cfb according to the Köppen-Geiger classification. There is less rainfall in winter than in summer and the temperature averages at 17.2 °C with a rainfall of 896 mm per annum.


Initially Simon decided to trial Oasis 88 on some of the worst pastures on the farm, but in a relatively short timeframe added it to all pasture treatment plans.

As Simon points out there are annual factors that will influence short term comparisons, so the benefit statements represent changes over the 2012 to 2019 periods.

The long-term results are outstanding, especially in water retention and carbon sequestration, but what matters most is that farm revenue and value has appreciated significantly.

Additional photos from the farm

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