Rolan Renken


This sugar cane farm in the Richmond area had issues with both the yield and the quality of the crop. The number of tillers, their size, and their BRIX percentage had all declined to unsatisfactory levels, all of which were impacting results.

Adding fertilizer in higher quantities was not desirable so after taking soil samples, Oasis-Agri developed a custom treatment plan that included Oasis 88 which was applied at a rate four litres per hectare at planting.

Location Information

Richmond’s climate in is warm and temperate and is classified as Cfb according to the Köppen-Geiger classification. There is much less rainfall in winter than in summer and the temperature averages at 17.2 °C with a rainfall of 896 mm per annum.


Additional photos from the farm

Untreated section of field with tillers at 1.6m height [Feb 2018]
Treated section of the same field with tillers at 2.2m height [Feb 2018]
Tillers from untreated section of field above the measure [Jul 2018]
Tillers from treated section of field below the measure [Jul 2018]
BRIX percentage of untreated tillers [Jul 2018]
BRIX percentage of treated tillers [Jul 2018]
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