Smallholding, Oberon


A 100-acre hobby farm in Oberon with forty hybrid dorper sheep and vegetables. The farm has issues with erosion and the owner is looking to improve the land. An extended trial has begun, and two batches of spinach were planted in the greenhouse in the dead of winter.

Oasis 88 was applied at planting and 14 days later. Initially there was a small but noticeable difference in the plants which is consistent with expectations. The next phase, now that 10 tons of mushroom compost has been added, is to test in an outdoor setting.

Location Information

Oberon has a subtropical highland climate (Cfb); with mild to warm summers, cool to cold winters averaging 0° to 9 °C and evenly-spread precipitation throughout the year. Frosts occur regularly during autumn, winter and spring. Because of its elevation and windward position, moderate to occasionally heavy snowfalls can be expected each year.

Trial Results


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