Oasis 88 Frequently Asked Questions

Oasis 88 is not a silver bullet, but a key component of a holistic treatment plan.  In the sections that follow there are three different categories.

  • what is it
  • how is it handled
  • How is it applied
  • what are the benefits

What is Oasis 88?

Oasis 88 is a bio-degradable soil enhancer that addresses multiple soil issues to help support larger herds or produce a higher yield per hectare..

Oasis 88 is made under license in several countries such as Singapore where quality control and consistency can be guaranteed.

Oasis 88 helps increase fertiliser absorption, control soil salinity and alkalinity, release locked in nutrients, increase water infiltration, and reduce soil compaction

Oasis 88 improves soil porosity, fertiliser absorption, germination rates and plant growth, and reduces pesticide, nitrogen loss and water runoff.

Oasis 88 is classified as a fertilizer in certain countries but as it is a non-toxic aqueous solution of organic acids it should also be considered a catalyst.

Oasis 88 works to both release nutrients trapped in the soil as well as reduce the amount of fertilizer that needs to be applied

Using Oasis 88 will help improve crop size and quality leading to higher yields and naturally a higher income and profit.

Oasis 88 will help improve herd health leading to weight gain or higher lactation rates and naturally higher income and profit.

How is Oasis 88 packaged

Oasis 88 is available in a 21-litre drum weighing 25kg for the agriculture sector and in 1-litre and 500 millilitre bottles for the consumer market.

The drum contains the full-strength concentrate, but for safety and compliance reasons the retail product is diluted to a 25% strength concentrate.

The concentrate in a drum should be diluted at a ratio of 5 millilitres to 10 litres and the concentrate in the retail bottle at a ratio of 20 millilitres to 10 litres.

When diluted at the recommended ratio, a drum will make 42,000 litres and a one litre retail bottle will make 500 litres.

How is Oasis 88 applied?

Oasis88 can be applied via a sprinkler system, drip irrigation, with liquid fertiliser or by drone or plane.

Oasis 88 can be applied at the same time as seeding in the case of planting a new crop or at any time if applying to multi-use pastures or orchards.

Application rates are dependent on multiple factors such as crop and soil attributes and while we provide general guidance a soil study and custom plan is available.

For livestock pastures four litres of Oasis88 concentrate will treat one hectares.

For horticulture the application rates can vary significantly and a our representatives can help.

An optimal plan should factor in all factors from soil type, chemical composition, acid-base balance, and rainfall patterns

The Oasis-Agri Insight Program supports the initial, and in subsequent years in combination with satellite monitoring, precise holistic treatment plans.

What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits that are derived from applying Oasis 88 that we have had to create a separate section on the website to fully describe them. 

Thanks for your interest!