Oasis-Agri Australia was conceived after a chance encounter with Francis Yeatman, a visionary in the field of organic soil science and the correlation between soil health, improved yields, improved water retention and increased carbon sequestration.

With a background in IT, we recognised that the agricultural world is undergoing a major technology transformation and is adopting technologies normally associated with other industries.

The adoption of autonomous drones and Artificial Intelligence is now well established with a major focus on robotics and automation to reduce the requirements for labour on farms. The improved imagery (both satellite and drone) is assisting farmers to better use technology to maximise yields through early detection of pests or deficiencies in macro and micronutrients.

The time is now!

Australia is in an interesting position where there are two competing forces:

On the one hand, Australia has a declared goal of making agriculture a $100 billion per annum business and on the other hand we need to sequester a significant body of carbon to achieve the carbon offset commitments made by organisations. 

While at first the government plan seemed be using productive farmland to “farm” carbon, the work Francis has done shows that healthy soil coupled with good farming practices can result in improved yields AND increased carbon deep in the soil.

The price of carbon credits has skyrocketed. When we started modelling in 2021, the Clean Energy Regulator was buying Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) for approximately $11 per ton. In February 2022, the spot price in the European market reached $143.19 per ton. What is very apparent is that the demand for carbon credits in Australia greatly outstrips the supply.

To add to this situation by 2050 farmers will need to grow 70% more food to meet the needs of the 30% growth in population.  Current farming practices cannot support this growth.  The world is experiencing a global shortage of fertilizers.  CSIRO estimates that there is up to $10 billion worth of phosphorus locked up in Australia through fertilizer application. It is imperative that approaches that do not harm the environment are adapted to enable plants to access this source of food.

Francis Yeatman has been a world leader in using polycarboxylic acid blends to promote improved soil health and better yields. The Oasis 88 product has had significant success in South Africa and trials in Spain and Costa Rica have been very positive. We look forward to achieving the same results in Australia.

Our Vision

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Oasis-Agri is focused on improving farming practices to restore soil health, increase crop yield, reduce carbon and provide a greater ROI to farmers and land owners. 

We will accomplish this vision by:

  • Providing education on how to improve soil health – physical, biological and chemical
  • Using  drones for hi-def and NDVI imagery, aerial seeding, micro-nutrient application and crop monitoring
  • Focusing on processes, procedures to assist land owners to maximise carbon sequestration through improved farming practices
  • Restoring flogged land and improving biodiversity outcomes