Oasis 88 is a liquid soil enhancer.  When applied in conjunction with micronutrients that are needed based on soil/leaf sampling, the following results are typically achieved:

  • Healthier plants
    • Reduced incidences of disease
    • Larger and more uniformly sized fruit
    • Denser canopy cover
  • Yields
    • Increased seed germination and crop size
    • Higher yields
    • Vigorous early-stage growth
    • Earlier flowering
  • Soil quality
    • Lower compaction
    • Increased earthworm population
    • Improved microbial activity
    • Improved water infiltration
  • Carbon
    • Increased carbon sequestration
    • Deeper penetration in the soil
  • Animal health and fertility rates
    • Larger, healthier animals
    • Improved fertility rates
    • Earlier weaning
    • Increased weaning weight
    • Increased average daily weight gain per head


Oasis 88

The initial version of the product was developed in 2001. Since that time, it has been applied to over seventy five varieties of plants and crops with significant results. The table below lists crops that have achieved these results.