Insight Program

Micronutrients are as important to plant health as macronutrients.

The Insight Program is a holistic, scientifically driven annual treatment plan to optimise soil nutrients and health for the planned crop and available budget.

The Insight Program includes:

  • Soil and leaf sampling and analysis to determine what
    elements are available to the plants
  • Creating a plan to use Oasis-88 and micronutrients along with
    traditional methods of fertilisation and soil treatment
  • Satellite monitoring to track productivity and create field maps to facilitate precision farming in subsequent years
  • Measuring crop and livestock attributes at the farm gate
    and in the laboratory to track program efficiency


The Insight Program improves soil health, resulting in improved:

  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Food quality
  • Water holding capacity, and
  • Facilitates sustainability and carbon capture


The cost of the Insight Program is offset by unlocking nutrients already in the soil and reducing the ongoing traditional methods (and costs) of fertilisation, herbicides and pesticides.