Oasis 88


Oasis 88 is a bio-degradable soil enhancer that addresses multiple soil issues to improve the soil and facilitate the movement of nutrients to the plant.  It can help control soil salinity and alkalinity, release locked in nutrients, increase water infiltration, and reduce soil compaction.

How it works

dissolves nutrients

Nutrients must be in a dissolved state in order to be absorbed and Oasis  88 facilitates this by weakening the bonds that ‘fix’ these elements to the soil particles, and ‘push’ them into a semi-suspended state for the root hairs to absorb with less effort.

Releases trapped nutrients

Nutrients must also be in a plant available form to be absorbed, and by weakening the bonds in complex compounds already present in the soil, Oasis 88 can release ‘locked-in’ nutrients like phosphates which may reduce fertiliser requirements.

Where can Oasis 88 be used

on the farm

Oasis 88 can be used across almost all crops, typically using a custom treatment plan that Oasis-Agri will provide, and in combination with modern regenerative farm practices will improve the size and quality of the crop.

in the garden

The home gardener, aka the ‘weekend warrior’ typically has a lot on their plate, and will welcome the fact that Oasis 88 is a universally applicable bio-degradable soil enhancer that will work on their grass just as well as on their shrubs and ornamentals.

How to apply Oasis 88

on the field

Oasis 88 is available in a liquid that can be applied via broadcast, in trench, by plane and even by drone, and as it has no impact on the efficiency of fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides, Oasis 88 can be applied at the same time at no extra effort. 

on the garden

Oasis 88 is available in diluted form for the home garden for safety and ease of application.  Applying Oasis 88 can be as simple as using a watering can for spot applications or hose nozzles to deliver across a larger area like a lawn.  

Thanks for your interest!