Oasis 88 for agriculture


Oasis 88 is a bio-degradable soil enhancer that addresses multiple soil issues to help support larger herds or produce a higher yield per hectare.  Oasis 88 helps control soil salinity and alkalinity, release locked in nutrients, increase water infiltration, and reduce soil compaction.


Oasis 88 improves soil porosity, fertiliser absorption, germination rates and plant growth, and reduces pesticide, nitrogen loss and water runoff. Oasis 88 works to both release nutrients trapped in the soil as well as reduce the amount of fertilizer that needs to be applied. 

How Oasis 88 works is illustrated in the videos below.

How it works


  • Broadcast
  • In trench
  • Drone
  • Plane
  • Drip


25L drum

'Frees-up' phosphates

Frees cations

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