Broadacre challenges

Increase crop yields

With the world’s population approaching eight billion it’s imperative that broadacre farmers look to maximise their yields and where possible, alter their crops rotation to meet changing population consumption and expectations.

Embrace their vital role

The impact of climate change is having a devastating effect on the environment, and traditional farming practices have led to a loss of biodiversity and soil  degradation, elevating the farmer’s role as the ‘stewards of the land’. 

Fully adopt technology

In the last decade technology has changed the way we shop, the media content we consume and the way we trade.  It’s now time for agriculture to adopt technologies such as AI and the IoT to reap the same benefits.   

In broadacre farming successful germination and early growth will ultimately determine the yield and this is where a soil treatment plan incorporating Oasis 88 can make a difference by improving germination and plant health.  

Treatment plans must ensure that the soil is in the optimum state to support the crop from germination to harvest.  In order to do so, all factors that may that may stunt growth such as soil compaction, nutrient availability and irrigation water salinity need to be assessed and addressed at a field level.  

Our recommended approach is to employ a soil sampler and use an independent laboratory to analyse. We will then develop a treatment plan to meet that field’s specific deficiencies.  

As Oasis 88 reduces the requirements for fertiliser the cost is usually equal or less than your current method, and based on our experience, will increase the yield and improve the condition of the soil.

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