Home gardener challenges

Caring for multiple species

A home garden typically includes a variety of plants with different needs that include trees, shrubs, bloomers and more often than not, a vegetable garden with diverse vegetable beds.

Water restrictions

Successive drought leads to water restrictions, while more frequent extreme weather events can lead to flooding, so the soil has to be conditioned to withstand opposite challenges.

An ethical dilemma

The conscientious gardener is aware of the need to protect the environment and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals they use, but they still want green grass, prolific flowers and plump vegetables.

Focus on the soil

While growing vegetables or cultivating roses may call for different approaches, both rely on healthy soil which is where Oasis 88 can make a significant difference irrespective of what you plant.

So a common question is ‘where do I start?’ and the answer depends on you.  If you want to grow vegetables organically, start there!  If you want your grass to stay greener for longer, start there!

While it’s necessary for some plants to understand soil PH and structure our recommended approach is simply apply at the specified dilution rate where you have the greatest need or interest.  

Lastly, as Oasis 88 also improves the ability for plants to absorb nutrients your plants will be healthier and more robust requiring less fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides. 

Thanks for your interest!