Livestock farmer challenges

Implement low cost systems

The trade agreements that successfully opened up new markets for the ANZ livestock farmer are now at risk. This confronting reality increases the need to implement low-cost farming systems that consistently deliver high yields.

Address climate change

Climate change is changing the natural environment as seen by successive drought and flooding events. This increases the need to manage the soil to reduce compaction and allow more water to be captured in good times.

Meet consumer expectations

Consumers expect animals to be treated humanely and for farmers reduce their reliance on ‘brute force’ chemical fertilisers.  Restoring the soil and protecting the environment for future generations is now an imperative.

Focus on pasture health

As any livestock farmer knows, growing feed on pasture is far more cost-effective than purchasing feed.  To achieve this end a multi species fodder crop enriched with the treatment plan fertilisers and micronutrients boosted by Oasis 88 is the answer.

Treatment plans must address two objectives. Firstly, they must deliver a highly nutritional cover crop. Secondly, they must nurture the soil to prepare for the next crop.

Our recommended approach is to employ a soil sampler and use an independent laboratory to analyse. We will then develop a treatment plan to meet that field’s specific deficiencies.  

As Oasis 88 reduces the requirements for fertiliser the cost is usually equal or less than your current method, and based on our experience, will increase the feed yield on pasture and improve the condition of the soil. 

Dairy on pasture case study

A dairy farmer in Kwa Zula Natal South Africa (climate zone 5) approached Oasis-Agri to develop a treatment plan after noticing that his yield was steadily decreasing year on year.

After taking soil samples and examining the resultant laboratory reports, a number of underlying issues including sub-optimal porosity, chemical imbalances and a lack of micronutrients was identified.

By working with the farmer Oasis-Agri was able to create a treatment plan that introduced Oasis 88 alongside traditional fertiliser and herbicides that was within the farmer’s budget and delivered the following results.

  • Increased the number of cows on pasture from 600 to 966 cows
  • Improved the lactation rate from 5200 to 7200 litres per cow p.a.
  • Increased the revenue by 120%

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