Since 1978 CSIRO has recognised soil as Australia's most valuable asset.

Now is the time to use the best science and technology to improve our soil health, improve yields and sequester carbon

Our Vision

Our aim is to maximise the productivity and profitability of each hectare of agricultural land without degrading the natural resources by focusing on long term safe and sustainable biological farming methods.

Our Services

Soil Improvement

Soil analysis and leaf analysis are used to develop a custom treatment plan to balance the soil, improve nutrients and focus on increasing crop yield and quality.


Aerial spraying and seeding. High resolution photography and videography to check on plant and animal health. Orthomosaics for high resolution measurements and surface maps.


Carbon sequestering processes and procedures. Monitoring of growth. Working with farmers on modelling and best use of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Land restoration

So much of Australian land has been damaged through poor farming practices. Our focus is to work with land owners to restore biodiversity and increase carbon.

About Our Company

Oasis-Agri was established with the aim of combining some of best soil science from the likes of Francis Yeatman and his colleagues, with traditional Aboriginal land management practices to improve soil health, restore flogged land and restore biodiversity loss.


There are many challenges in scaling carbon projects and Oasis-Agri will focus on the processes and technology to allow land owners to receive an income for land restoration and management.

The carbon sequestered using these methods will fund additional land restoration and education programs.

Francis Yeatman has been a world leader in using polycarboxylic acid blends to promote improved soil health and better yields. The Oasis 88 product has had significant success in South Africa and trials in Spain and Costa Rica have been very positive. We look forward to achieving the same results in Australia.



Oasis is T-5 compared to control after 5 months


For a more comprehensive list of the results and outcomes, please go to the Results page or click on this link.

Try it for yourself

If you would like to discuss how you can use Oasis-88 in a trial, please contact us.